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Viktor Litvin

Corporate Services Coordinator

In his role as the Corporate Services Coordinator, Viktor oversees key operational areas including IT, marketing, quality and compliance, alongside coordinating projects and events. This position places him at the core of the organisation's strategic operations, ensuring that each department functions cohesively towards achieving excellence in service delivery.

Image by Steve Johnson

My Story

Born in Ukraine and finding my new home in Australia at the tender age of ten, Queensland has been filled with unforgettable memories. This sun-soaked (at times very humid) state has embraced me wholeheartedly, and in return, I've fallen deeply in love with it. My journey through Queensland has introduced me to extraordinary people—friends, colleagues, and mentors who have shaped my path and fueled my passions.

My academic venture at QUT, where I earned a Bachelor of Business, was more than just an educational pursuit; it was a gateway to meaningful connections. It was during this time that I met several individuals from foster homes or living with disabilities. These individuals, who I now proudly call my friends, opened my eyes to the realities and challenges they face daily. Their resilience, strength, and spirit inspired me to contribute to a world that sees them, hears them, and above all, respects them.

Starting my journey with Dynamic Community Care as a Business Support Officer, I've been part of an incredible growth story, witnessing and contributing to our evolution into the DCC Industry Group. Driven by the desire to ensure that young people like my friends are treated with dignity, receive the care they need, and feel valued and heard, I stepped into the world of social services. My role allows me to be part of a larger movement, one that strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals who are often overlooked.

For me, making a difference extends beyond the confines of my job. It's about touching lives, creating moments of understanding and compassion, and fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their background or challenges, can thrive. My journey in social services has been nothing short of eye-opening. It has reinforced my belief in the power of empathy, the importance of community support, and the immeasurable value of seeing the world through others' eyes. This path I've chosen is not just a career—it's a lifelong commitment to contributing to a kinder, more inclusive world.


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